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ARDIE (Agence Régionale de Développement de l’Innovation et de l’Economie)
was created on 1 July 2015 at the initiative of Burgundy Regional Council.
The Agency contributes to developing the region’s economy.
It supports the investment and innovation projects of its clients (businesses, consortia, territorial entities)
as part of the Regional Strategy for Economic Development and Innovation for “intelligent specialization”.

  • Supporting and attracting investment projects
  • “Complex” (multi-actor, multi-finance) project engineering
  • Economic intelligence
  • Promoting and developing innovation
  • Supporting and structuring clusters
  • Responding to calls for projects
  • Territorial engineering

ARDIE Bourgogne makes the region more attractive and competitive through its actions in support of the following areas of specialization and cross-sector concerns:

  • Quality of the environment, foodstuffs and food… for the well-being of consumers
  • Advanced materials and processes for safe and secure applications
  • Integration of biomedical solutions for patients in terms of prevention, diagnosis, and therapeutics
  • Eco-design, eco-construction, bio-sourced materials
  • Innovative alternative solutions for mobility and transport
  • New behaviours, new economies
  • Development and networking of skills to make our economy more competitive
  • Dissemination of key technologies, digital engineering, entrepreneurial culture, and scientific culture
The Agency is directed by Alexis GILOPPE.
It is made up of a team of 19 staff subdivided into four sections:
  • Sector-specific actions
  • Cross-sector actions
  • Marketing
  • Resources
The Agency is part of a network of public- and private-sector actors supporting economic development, attractiveness, and innovation.
  • ARDIE Bourgogne members
  • ARDIE Bourgogne financers
  • Financers of innovation and economic development
  • General and neighbourhood actors (local development agencies, boards of trade, local authorities, business incubators, etc.)
  • Technical actors (technological resource centres, research organizations, university and elite colleges, etc.)
  • Sector-specific actors (competitive clusters, business networks, etc.)

Our Solutions


Our team makes its expertise available to businesses, business consortia, and local communities.


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Success stories


We supported them… Testimonials!

“ARDIE Bourgogne supported us with our expansion project, and in particular in putting together the application to Burgundy Regional Council for support for purchasing property. We managed to secure financial support equivalent to 10% of our total investment.”
Pierre MOSTACCI, DirectorAGEF 21, Association promoting aid through work for the disabled
Pierre MOSTACCI, Director
“Recruiting and training quality staff in an environment that is right for family development are the keys for successfully achieving our customers’ complex projects. That is the competitive edge that Burgundy can provide for Atsukè at the gates of Paris and Lausanne.”
Damien BOUSSON, CEOAtsukè, specialists in mobile commerce solutions, Dijon
“We did not choose Beaune by chance. The town is ideally located at the crossroads of the main French motorways, in the heart of the Imagine Car customer area, close to the white zone for the snow season, and above all geographically in the middle of France.”
Philippe ALAZET, logistics managerMassa Pneus, automobile maintenance and tyre distribution centre, Beaune
Philippe ALAZET, logistics manager
“The presence of a scientific and technical ecosystem in our area of activities triggered Burgundy as our choice. We have access to the skills brought together by the Vitagora competitive cluster and Agrosup Dijon. ARDIE Bourgogne as a facilitating organization opened up its network and provided us with new opportunities.”
Carlos LIGUORI, ManagerFusion ingrédients, Dijon-based manufacturer of new-generation dry natural food ingredients
Carlos LIGUORI, Manager
“The support proposed by ARDIE Bourgogne means you can benefit from the opinion of an expert in intellectual property and define the strategy to be put in place with them. This contribution is very valuable because apart from checking whether our designs can be patented, upon receiving Mr Vinter’s report we had a complete round-up of the forces at work and the technological level of the domain.”
Philippe LEUWERS, DirectorTEXYS, manufacturer of high technology sensors, particularly for the automobile industry, at Varennes-Vauzelles
Philippe LEUWERS, Director
“Our approach in terms of sustainable development has focused on energy savings with the development of an innovative process for treating washing water, without discharge onto the public highway. Recently, we received financial support through ARDIE Bourgogne and were put in contact with Logomotion so as to develop a mobile, eco-design application for managing our activity that optimizes administrative work.”
François-Xavier DESERTOT, ManagerLe signe de l'environnement, Dijon-based company specialized in urban cleansing
François-Xavier DESERTOT, Manager
“Being keen to work on a new approach to interior layout through eco-design, we brought in two experts: EVEA engineering consultants and the 10-6 DESIGN agency. They proposed full support by structuring our approach (identifying the challenges, communication, creativity, design, etc.). For this innovative project, ARDIE Bourgogne helped us to put together the financial application for ADEME Bourgogne and to fine-tune it over time.”
Alexis NOLLET, ManagerSTYLEVAN, designers and manufacturers of camper vans for 35 years, Auxerre
Alexis NOLLET, Manager



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  • Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 9 – 12 am, 2 – 6 pm.
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