Agence Régionale du Développement de l’Innovation et de l’Economie

Strategic Location

Burgundy is ideally located:

  • on the main international north-south routes through France (45% of European goods traffic goes through Burgundy)
  • on the east-west routes linking the Atlantic Coast to Eastern Europe

Located at the gates of Paris and Lyon:

  • northern Burgundy is an hour’s drive from Paris
  • southern Burgundy is an hour’s drive from Lyon

Connected to the major cities of France and Europe:

  • from the six high-speed train stations in Burgundy to Paris, Lyon, Marseille, London, Brussels and Basel, etc.
  • within four hours’ by high-speed train to Europe’s main business centres
  • close to the major international airports of Paris, Lyon, Geneva and Mulhouse-Basel

Business clusters and communities

Competitive clusters:

  • Vitagora: the Taste-Nutrition-Health Innovation network promoting the emergence of innovation for agro-food sector firms
  • PNB: Nuclear industry cluster: skills platform for the nuclear sector with a worldwide outlook

Business clusters/Networks:

Excellence clusters, industrial sectors

Excellence clusters:

  • GIE Pharm’image: excellence cluster for pharmaco-imaging research
  • Nicéphore Cité: platform for exchange in the areas of image, sound, and digital engineering
  • Agronov: technical cluster for innovative businesses engaged in the agro-environment and agro-materials

Industrial sectors:

Education and Training




  • More than 1 500 teaching and research staff, 29 accredited research units at Burgundy University
  • 1 SATT Grand-Est (technology transfer)
  • 1 regional incubator: PREMICE
  • 6 major areas of research:
    • Food and environment
    • Health and molecular engineering
    • Photonics and advanced materials
    • Learning and health
    • Heritage and territories
    • Vines and wines
  • INRA Dijon (national institute for agricultural research)
  • CSGA (taste and food science centre)
  • Burgundy regional teaching hospital
  • CGFL (cancer centre)

Business Property


Numerous schemes for developing French infrastructure go through Burgundy and promote consolidation of traffic flows and pooling of facilities.

Burgundy is:

  • business property up to 20% less expensive than in Paris and Lyon
  • extensive land and property for business, plus latest generation buildings
  • a wide range of real-estate on offer (tertiary, industrial, and technical)
  • many on-site and nearby services
  • dynamic employment areas